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Our Ethos

Ultimate fit: Fit is the nascence of Amber London, so we made our tops cup-sized and offer them in UK A-FF cup sizes, instead of using the standard size scaling that assumes women with small back sizes have small bust sizes and vice versa. We want our styles to be truly reflective of the female form and to offer support to the woman with a fuller bust. We offer mixed and match sizes and styles to help cater for different body shapes, additionally our separates vary in coverage and offer supportive features such as underwire, fully adjustable shoulder and back straps to ensure fit and comfort.

Personal knowledge: Our brand was inspired by our founder, Sana’s struggle to find stylish, high quality and luxurious swimwear that also offered support. Our founder is petite with a fuller bust and truly understands first-hand the importance of fit and what features are needed to achieve that.

Real life testing: Our collections typically take over a year of testing and sampling to be built out. Rather than opting for the standardised practice of starting with a model sample size and scaling up without considering the nuanced needs of a larger bust, Amber London uses fit models of all shapes and sizes. No detail is left to chance, we create many rounds of samples and test every aspect of our pieces, fit, look, the stitching details and we ensure that they are perfected before being approved for production.

Quality and craftsmanship: We select our material and partners carefully, only opting for the highest quality Italian fabrics and seamstresses for their expertise and quality. Our styles are designed to be timeless and to last you season after season. Our fabrics are tested to ensure:

  • Comfort and fit
  • Their resistance to various substances and chemicals such as sun lotion and oils
  • Protection against UV
  • Pilling resistance
  • Quick drying

Empowerment: Amber London’s mission is to create high quality and stylish pieces that offer support for the fuller bust women.Our swimwear isn’t limited to fuller bust women, but we simply want to offer choice to a variety of women. Our aim is to empower women by making swimwear that truly reflects the diversity of the female form. We want women to feel confident, supported and empowered in our swimwear.

Sustainability: Here at Amber London, we recognise the importance of sustainability, and we pride ourselves on choosing ethical and viable options wherever possible; from the very first steps of our journey, sustainability has represented a core pillar of our business:

  • We worked on our packaging solutions to offer a stylish yet eco-friendly choice: our pouches and boxes are all re-usable and recyclable, all materials are ethically sourced.
  • Our styles are designed to last and are dreamt of as complementary gems for your everyday wardrobe rather than being confined to the water or used as just beachwear: they offer support, coverage, and comfort, promoting the idea of multi-use and encouraging conscious buying over fast fashion.
  • We only work with expert partners who share our values, and we are consistently driven to work with ethically sourced materials or innovative products.
    • Our range is entirely produced in Italy in a family-run factory that employs local seamstresses with over 25 years of experience.
    • Our fabrics are made in Italy by a renowned supplier who is highly committed to sustainability and are internationally certified for their achievements (they are leaders for their continuous research & development effort that spans from advanced machinery aimed at improving the energy efficiency of their production process to innovative materials that reduce the environmental footprint of their operations).