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At Amber London, our aim is to be a slow fashion label that creates long-lasting pieces.

Our swimwear is designed to be timeless, and it’s made from the highest quality Italian fabrics and material. 

Our fabrics have been tested for their durability and resistance to various substances such as lotions, oils, chlorine and UV. 

Even when our fabric is designed with the utmost care, it is delicate and therefore the right care can help keep it in pristine condition for longer so you can enjoy it season after season.

So, how should you best take care of your Amber London swimwear? 

Here are our top 10 tips to best care for you suit:

1. Hand wash only, using cold/lukewarm water and using a gentle detergent or a hand wash without lotions (some swimwear detergents that we recommend are Sports & swimwear wash from THE LAB CO. or Sport Detergent from The Laundress)

2. Allow your swimwear to soak in water for a few minutes before adding the detergent and once added, mix the detergent in gently. When you have finished washing your suits, make sure to rinse them thoroughly until the soap is fully gone.

3. If you have any stains on your pieces from lotions or oils, do not worry this will come off with water and when using the right detergent. Don’t be tempted to rub your swimwear harshly, just apply some detergent to the affected area and if needed very gently with the tip of your fingers rub the detergent in (make sure you do this gently, there is no need to harshly rub your swimwear fabric).

4. Take out excess water gently, maybe using a towel. Do not wring out after washing to avoid stretching out the fibres and to help maintain the shape of your suit. This will help avoid any fabric snagging and it will also help protect the wires and the boning.

5. Do not bleach.

6. Wash bright coloured suits separately.

7. To avoid stretching out the fibres, don’t hang your suit when drying, instead lay it flat to dry on a soft surface or a towel away from direct sunlight.

8. Air-dry only, never put your swimwear in a dryer and do not iron your pieces.

9. Store the suit when you are sure that it is completely dry; moisture can be the reason for mildew growth and damp odours.

10. Swimwear fabrics are delicate so we recommend that you do not sit on very rough surfaces.


A note from the founder:

We know that luxury swimwear is an investment, that’s why we say “Buy Better, Wear Longer” but in this case, it is important to highlight that the “Care Better” aspect also has a role in cherishing your swimwear season after season. So, let me rephrase: “Buy Better, Care Better, Wear Longer”!

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