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Are you ready for swimwear that’ll make you feel confident?

 We totally are.

At Amber London, we create:

  • Long-lasting swimwear that offers support and comfort.
  • We fit our bikini tops based on cup-sizes rather than the conventional XS-XL sizing that does not take into consideration the diversity of the female form and assumes that smaller back sizes have small cup-sizes and vice versa.
  • Our petite, small back and fuller bust founder, Sana is the perfect proof as to why this assumption is wrong. 

At Amber London, we understand first-hand how diverse the female form is and our swimwear is designed and built with that in mind. 

How do we do our sizing?

  • We test our styles thoroughly on real women and we create countless alterations until we are fully satisfied with the fit and the level of comfort that our styles offer.
  • Size and fit are the foundation of our brand so it was really important for Sana to get this right and to provide the ultimate fit that supports different bust sizes.
  • All our testing starts with our founder, so a size 30E/32DD. Sana meticulously tests all the samples until she is completely happy with them, and from that point on the styles and our various sizes get tested on a variety of other women.
  • At Amber London we believe in making styles that are truly fit for purpose and we don’t leave any detail to chance. That is why it takes us over a year to bring our designs to life. 

Why don’t many brands usually make supportive and cup-sized swimwear? 

In the process of launching Amber London, Sana was extremely surprised that this approach was not very common in the industry, brands typically start with a model size of 34B, testing is often done on a mannequin and sizes are scaled up without real testing and without considering the needs of larger bust sizes.

This process is timely and costly, and that is one of the reason why many brands avoid making supportive and cup-sized swimwear or why they would only create them in basic/less complex cuts and aesthetics.  

So how does our sizing work?

Our tops are fitted by cup-sizes, and we refer to sister group sizes of 1 to 6, where sizes are determined by the cup volume that they cover. For example, if you are a UK 32F (US 32G) then you would opt for our top size 6, this will also fit UK sizes 30FF, 34E and 36DD, which have the same cup volume.

  • Sister sizes are alternative bra sizes that you can wear, where the cup volume stays the same despite the band size and cup letter changing.
  • Sister sizing is common in the industry, and it works particularly well for swimwear given the stretch of the material and adjustable features.
  • Our top sizes currently accommodate UK band sizes of 30-36 and UK cup-sizes of A-FF. Please refer to our size chart to find your perfect Amber London size and do contact us if you have any questions.
  • Our bottoms are offered in sizes XXS-XL, which translate to UK sizes 6-16. Please refer to our size guide for more details. 

How do I find what my sister size is?

  • To find your sister size you can take your normal bra size and go up a cup and down a band size and vice versa. For example if you are a UK 32DD (US 32E), your sister sizes will be UK 30E and 34D.
  • If you don’t know your bra size, you can get yourself measured in most lingerie stores or do it yourself using a measuring tape and looking up a basic bra size chart.
  • Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are unsure of your size or if you need help measuring yourself or if you have any questions at all. We would be delighted to help.

At Amber London, we would like to highlight that breasts are great in every shape and form that they come in and we want to empower women to feel confident in their own skins. We want to offer women choice and to make them feel supported, confident, and glamorous in our pieces, on the seashore and in the city!

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